• The Clear Lake Fishing Club was formed as a non-profit organization to promote the enjoyment and art of fishing in North Central Iowa.  The club maintains high standards of fishing ethics and insists its members comply with all state and local fishing regulations. The club is dedicated to service in the community and supports several fishing related projects thereby enhancing the quality of fishing in Clear Lake for all.

    • Our Signature Events

    • Annual Clear Lake Walleye Classic

      The Clear Lake Walleye Classic is the largest walleye tournament in Iowa with 100 teams participating. 2018 Classic will be held Saturday May 19th and Sunday May 20th. LEARN MORE

    • Annual Fall Clear Lake Walleye Classic

      The Fall Walleye Classic will be held Sunday October 7th. This event has been a fun and exciting compliment for the weekend walleye fisherman and the competitive angler.  LEARN MORE

    • Take-A-Kid Fishing

      Take-A-Kid Fishing has grown to be an amazing event for the future of fishing. In 2014 we had over 100 youth in attendance. The Clear Lake Fishing Club with the help of its sponsors provided prizes for every participant. The smiles on their faces and stories they tell are the greatest reward we could ever receive. Be sure to join us in 2018 on Saturday, June 2nd at McIntosh State Park.   LEARN MORE

    • Annual $1,000 Prize Fish Contest

      The $1000 prize fish is sponsored by HARRISON TRUCK CENTER in memory of Stan Harrison. We also have 25 $100 sponsored prize fish. Be sure to look for the rewards. LEARN MORE